Three in a Row

Where the are three, there is my master, I follow their good  中文版本 The three are triplets.  Maestros come in all ages, only that we can learn from them. This is television program of the daily life and activities of fathers look after their kids alone for about 2.5 days. There are four families with seven …

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“三人行,必有我師焉。擇其善者而從之 ” English Version 三人是三胞胎小孩。師無大小 , ‘有以教我’ , 便是師。 這是螢幕綜藝 , 是爸爸獨自照顧幼孩大約兩天半的生活實況 , 也有些添加活動。有四個家庭 , 七至十一個小孩 , 爸爸和仨這家庭在小孩二十七個月大出現 , 至現在差不多四歲 ; 是小孩從吃喝睡拉的本能 , 到和社會接軌的成長階段。一年多下來 , 爸爸成了育兒典範 , 小孩知禮數 , 天性才華發揮得好 , 一家備受國內外讚賞。 三人行 背景 : 其天者全而其性得 三個小孩的生活實況是忙碌 , 由於只是爸爸一個人照顧 , 難免要放手讓小孩們自理和互相照顧 , 爸爸只在重要時刻管理教導。另一方面 , 其中兩小孩在嬰幼期有體重過輕或嚴重敏感的問題 , 父母盡心照顧之餘 , 無暇有預設期望 , 只想小孩健康成長。這是綜藝節目 , 小孩是重要元素 , 爸爸也特別讓出空間給他們自由發揮 …

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CUI, Yunpeng’s team won the 2014-2015 President’s Cup Gold Award

CUI, Yunpeng, 2nd yr Economics and Finance student, is part of a team of 7 students that have just won the 2014-2015 President’s Cup Gold Award. The ‘7’ are from both sides of the strait and from different majors, yet, all are at their second year of study and under the same student organization “WILL …

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Prof Leonard Kwok-Hon Cheng

Professor Leonard Kwok-Hon Cheng joined the Department of Economics in July 1992 as Reader in Economics (a British academic title that ceased to exist after HKUST adopted the US academic titles) and left in September 2013 to become President of Lingnan University. From the late 1990s onward, the Department has been recognized as among the …

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Benjamin Hak Fung Chiao

Benjamin obtained his BBA and MSc in Economics in the HKUST, and his PhD from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Benjamin is now serving as Founding President of the Alumni Association of HKUST in Shanghai.

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Prof Isaac Ehrlich

Isaac Ehrlich joined HKUST in 1992, he has previously served in University of Chicago, the Tel Aviv University, the University of Virginia, the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. In 2002 He was awarded an honorary PhD degree from the University of Orleans, France, for his contributions to economics science.

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Prof Sonku Kim

Prof Sonku Kim is now teaching in the Seoul National University, his alma mater.  Prof Kim won the Education Prize award in Seoul National University in 2011. The prize was established to award faculty who developed creative teaching methods or with extraordinary enthusiasm, inspiration to the students and faculty colleagues. He joined HKUST in 1992 and he has fond …

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Prof Zhiqiang Liu


Prof. Zhiqiang Liu joined HUST in 1992 and left in 1999. He has been a faculty member of the Department of Economics, State University of New York at Buffalo, since 2000. He is also special-term Professor and Deputy Director of the China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research at Central University of Finance …

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Kong Wah Lai


Kong Wah graduated from the Bachelor of Science in Economics program in HKUST and spent a few years in the private sector in Hong Kong before pursuing his PhD in Economics at the University of Pittsburgh. 

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Rachel Li Wah Ngai

Rachel LW NGAI

Rachel graduated from BSc in Economics in HKUST and went to University of Pennsylvania to peruse her PhD degree. She started working in the London School of Economics since 2001 and is now Reader of the Department of Economics.

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